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This is a great story of love strings and the pain of change--very poignantly told. Great job.
I love this tender and bittersweet story so much, especially because of the details: the sliding of the bracelets, the way she feels slender at the touch at her waist...this is a very writerly piece. Just beautiful.
You captured the scene well, with vivid emotions and details. I liked the title, too, with the multiple meanings. Good job.
Really lovely writing but be careful. That first sentence is way overdone and I almost stopped reading right there.

Just my opinion. :)

Wonderful descriptions, and a vivid portrayal of conflicting cultures without being overdone.
Oh the pain of watching our children grow and move in directions we did not go.
This was good, although I felt a little undone at the end. Perhaps that is what I am to feel, as per the title.
I enjoyed all the details and when the piece ended, I wasn't ready to be done! Great job.
I'm amazed at the beautiful, subtle complexity of this! I loved being able to see through the eyes of this mother, as she watches so much change and realizes that she can't control it. Very well done!
With each convert we rejoice, but forget how painful it is for the unsaved family to accept. Beautifully written.
You made the emotions of the mother so clear with your descriptive piece. Really well written.
I was grew more and more captured in the story and the characters as I read. This is such a tender scene. Well done.
I love your writing!
Seriously, you always capture the emotions so beautifully. I always feel tempted to jump into analyzing mode because it reminds me of great literature. Pieces like this one should not end so quickly - I would really like to read more! LOL here I am raving on and on.... :)
Beautifully written as always. You should write a sequel; I was left dying to know what the father says and what the outcome is!
Beautiful - my heart was torn and breaking with this mother's. The opening lines were exquisite, setting the whole tone to the piece.
The atmosphere you create here is remarkable.
You had me from your first word, and I clung to the last. So very lush and vivid. I loved this. Congratulations on your EC!
I kind of like that first sentence now. I guess I'm growing up! :) :) Bless you, Lisa.