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I laughed all the way through this--Millie and Helen are priceless. And even though I know your title refers to the goose sound, it's also the sound I'd make if I ran into that nest of pythons!
Fantastic! I'd love to travel with these two ladies!
This is hilarious. Loved the characters and descriptions of the animals. Thankfully, I've never personally seen a python in India. ;-)
Hilarious. Very enjoyable read.
Deeelightful! GREAT job. :)
After reading so many sad tales of India (all true), I was really refreshed by this wonderful story. I can just see these ladies and sit down to a glass of iced tea with them...not in India.
I LOVE humorous pieces, and this is a terrific belly laugh. Good job.
What a RIOT! Love the characters, and the dialog was top-notch. Super!
I know I have already commented, but I just want to say again ... This just shines, shines, shines!
Good for you. :)
You really have to be a devoted animal lover to be on this expedition! Very funny...
Great characters! Love their interaction!
I fell in love with both your delightful heroines in this wonderful piece.
How great to read something that made me laugh so much! Thanks for really going out of the box!
Aaaaah,ornithologists- a breed whose fascination for birds constantly eludes me. Now snakes on the other hand - we have loads here in Africa. Did I ever write about the time when our cockerel swallowed a metre long snake thinking it was a worm - took him twenty minutes to get it down!
Thanks for the snigger.
Oh my goodness, the sun is barely up and I'm stuffing my fist in my mouth to smother my laughter, so as not to wake the family. Superbly written, you took me along for the ride with Milly and Helen in the rickshaw. I can't remember the last time I've read anything so funny.