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So sad, but well written...
I would suggest adding punctuation; it makes a poem flow more smoothly.
So many women are subject to so many cruelties by men in this sinful world - we need more men of God willing to make a difference in the world.
Keep up the good work!
So glad you wrote about this topic. It is a tragedy many women in India face.

Choosing Indian names is difficult. Sadiqua and Taj are usually Muslim names. Patel is a Gujarati Hindu last name. Also, you mentioned a grave at the end. Most people in India are cremated.

I liked the double meaning of the title. :)

I stumbled a bit at
_Than his brides modest treasure store._
doesn't quite fit the rhythmn I don't think but other than that W.O.W.

OMgosh .. The title? And those last 4 stanzas .. Could they be more perfectly haunting?

The jaunty, rhyming format is the ideal contrast to what is actually being said!!

Chilling. Stunning.
Excellent descriptions. Very visual piece.
Oooooh, the title and what follows make this a powerful piece of work. I would agree with a previous commenterthe combination of poetry with the subject matter makes a huge impact.
The atrocities women face in so many nations. This was a powerful piece.
Compelling piece!
A chilling narrative poem--very visual. Well done.
I agree, very chilling. Concise and powerful. The bluntness of the words makes all the more impact on the reader. Excellent!
Wow. This was so good! I love great titles, and yours fits the bill. What a sobering and sad story, but so wonderfully told. Well done, and congrats on your EC!