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Great historical insight. Enjoyed this very much.
I recently learned of the different beaks of these birds. The beaks adapt in size and shape according to the conditions/climate, etc. It saddens me to know that so many embrace Darwin's theories--even when they have been proven wrong.
For me your story was timely as I recently completed a Bible study (The Truth Project) which covered many of Darwin's theories. Thanks for bringing him to life for your readers.
Wow. What great insight into the bent on finding things to disprove God-- though God cared so greatly about his soul by providing a godly captain. Great dialogue; Great writing.
Absolutely masterful, and an excellent take on the topic. Just wow.
I appreciated the information and enjoyed the way it was presented. Your message is clear.
Love the title and the characterization here. Fitzroy is awesomely written in the hands of a master wordsmith--so much wonderful stuff here!
Creative and interesting. Loved the writing. Deep. Left me satisfied and smiling. God really does have the last word, doesn't He?
The dialog is so well done; I felt like I was eavesdropping on a private conversation. Poor, blind Darwin. This is an excellent depiction of his foolishness, and a great entry for the topic.
People insist that adaptation and evolution into a new species are one and the same...drives me nuts! As a Creation Science proponent, I LOVE this entry! I really enjoyed the perspectives you brought to these characters. I wish science could be more honest about Darwin's failings, but it is their faith in their "religion of evolution" that can't be shaken, no matter what the facts say now. Very creative!
Great writing!! And surprising twist at the end! Caught me by surprise. Your story was so well done that I felt sorry for Darwin who was missing out on the Truth.
Great job bringing this story to life!
Super job of historical fiction. I especially enjoyed it because of the Creation Science aspect.
Love your descriptions and details. Great writing.
A masterful experience just reading your writings. Thanks for another wonderful read. :)
Excellent last line. Amen, Captain! Great story!
The nose knows :) Interesting way to present a fun lesson on truth.
Thought-provoking and a very unique look at the life of Darwin. I like the conversation between the men and the obvious difference of their views. Definitely helps one to understand why he went down the path that he did.
Congrats on your placement! Well done!
Yeeee Haaaaa! Number four for a girl who's got what it takes as a master writer. Well done.
Oh, this one was GREAT - a mix of history, wonderful personifications, chewy descriptions (I could just see his nose!) and a lesson to boot. Fantastic, and a well deserved EC.
This story has it all, science, humor, and a suprise ending. Superb work(manship)...beginning with the title ( all makes sense at the end). Congrats Lisa!
Great writing. Your last line says it all! Congratulations on a well-deserved EC.