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Fascinating perspective.
I liked the perspective the MC had in this piece.
I liked the time lapses and the unusual flow of this story, like pushing the pause button to rewind a mental video. Very descriptive and accurate! I took my son to the rainforest for his 18th birthday and your story brought back vivid memories.
A great entry and perfectly on topic. I agree - the flashback fits right in and then the beginning makes sense. Well done!
Oh wow. I love that last line. Good job. Creative take.
This is really well done. You took us on a journey to the rain forest as well as to personal discovery. Topnotch writing!
Excellent, Joanne! I've missed your writing here, and this charming story definitely lives up to the promise of its awesome, oxymoron-ed title.
Travel makes you appreciate home, doesn't it? Great story, simple and profound.
This reminds me of listening to the "quiet" in my Georgia back yard. Very creative -- writing about the sounds of South America! I wish I could hear them.
I LOVED this entry. Loved the descriptions. Loved loved loved the ending! Awesome writing.
I think even my own backyard is noisy at night! I can just imagine what it must sound like in the rain forest. What an experience that had to have been. Wonderfully descriptive story, Jo. I could easily see the trip through your eyes.
The ending was fantastic!!! Loved it. The whole piece is engaging, with simple, quick descriptions that captured my imagination. And that ending.... loved it.
I always love reading your stories. This one really hit home with me. I also love to stop and listen to sounds and to really absorb what is going on around me.

The only thing that caught my attention was this sentence... "There are at least a dozen different sounds, none of which appear to be man-made." Its nit picking but appear is a visual word. It stuck out to me as not fitting so I thought I'd mention it just to be helpful ;-)

Great story, Joanne! I read it through a couple of times cause it was so awesome!

Your entry is going to challenge me to listen. I know we all miss out on so much, even in our own backyards, that God has created.
This was beautiful...nothing makes you appreciate home more than being away from it! Well done!
Sound details are just as important as sight details to put the reader into the did it so well in this descriptive, fun piece.
Oh wow, this is amazing. HOw did you think of this? Masterfully written.
I'm not sure if you have ever been to the Amazon, but you could have fooled me if you have not, because this story sounds 100% authentic. I felt like I was there, basking in the "noisy quiet."
Thank you very much for the kind comment you left me. :) I enjoyed this article, and fully understand how refreshing it can be to take a second look at the things that surround you every day.