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Very moving and believable story. The trail of blood left behind by Latin American dictators has left many scarred just as your MC was.
Incredibly poignant and engaging and honest. I could feel the MCs anguish so readily. Excellent.
Your vivid portrayal of a father's grief transcends the setting...doubting Him and pondering "revenge" are normal reactions to loss, especially when that loss is found at the hand of another. Well done.
The tone and language of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th paragraphs particularly but throughout this piece .. I call it prose-poetry and it takes a really skillful writer to make it feel authentic and not forced or unnatural.

You totally, completely pull it off.

I was swept away.

Love your writing!!
Wow! This is powerful writing! One of the strongest entries I've read this week.
What a perfect title for this stunning confession. Wonderful.
I keep coming back here. :)

It's a privilege to read such evocative prose. Nothing strained about this at all. So pitch perfect.

I'm in awe. (obviously... LOL)

Can I sit beside you? :)

Thank you so much for sharing.