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Hilarious—they are warning her about things she deals with every day. Very creative take. I loved the revised version of the Great Commission.
Sooo creative and fun! Love the twist!
Excellent! Great twist on the topic. I think I could be great friends with this gal.
Great entry. Well, maybe except for the spider crawling on the MC bit. LOL.
Love the Big, Freaky title. Sucked me right in, and didn't disappoint. Well done!
Really fun writing, and a great title, too.

Question: wouldn't her brother and her best friend know her job, and that such things wouldn't faze her?

They'd sure faze ME, though!
I love the way this turned around! Great title, fun story, perfect ending.
Creative, well-plotted story...I'm not brave though like your mc though and would never, on purpose, let a spider crawl on me!
Having a big, freaky spider on my arm would...well...NOT happen. And I'd be one of those people who would never think to go where those things COULD be in my shoes in the morning. Wolf spiders right here in Ohio are more exotic than I can take already. (My love of biology doesn't extend to entomology.) Clever little twist in the story there at the end, Rick!
Very, very cute with a clever twist. Seriously though, a spider crawling on her hand.... ugh.
Excellent story. Like the twist at the end. Good writing!
What a funny entry. Very good story. It kept my attention the whole way (and also confirmed the fact that, 'there's no place like home,' unless, of course, your home is where the big freaky spiders live:) LOL!
This one really bugged me :) Fun presentation of a reality I don't care to experience again.