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Very creative! I love the name Furface too!
Well, you had me... all the way to the end. I'm a little disappointed, btw, she seemed very, very interesting. Hummph. (Great entry though, if a little bit sneaky)
Waahhh! You mean it's fake?! That's not fair! LOL. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, if it isn't originality, I don't know what is. I loved the character of Sally and especially how this opening. Great job! A favorite of mine this week! ^_^
You sure had me fooledI was convinced she was a real person. In any casegreat story.
I loved your mc's indomitable spirit. You had me fooled completely, but I'm guessing there were more than a few like her!
This had me riveted throughout. Great writing.
Very creative format. The twisty question "Or would she?" at the beginning was a great turning point. I enjoyed this all the way through.
I've been "had". Thanks for a great history lesson.....or not! Loved the story.
Outstanding! Totally believable, and a wonderful character. When does the book about her come out?
You had me fooled too! Nicely done.
I would use "began" instead of "started" in the second paragraph, and say her husband "Walter" died instead of "Furface" in the descriptive paragraph (not in her words, just the article words).
Way to go! You certainly drew us into the story, and had a wonderful "gotcha" in the end for a laugh. :)
Totally believable. I hoped she was a real historical person. Great job!
I know things were done like that, but I can't imagine trading my 12 year old daughter for a pair of mules. Wow! This is an amazing story. I have never heard of Sally Sager, but would like to learn more, definitely.
Aw! That's a mean trick...leading us to believe such a powerful story. :) It is totally believable, and your telling of it is compelling!
You got me too! Wow. You truly created a "real" woman, no matter what you say (LOL). Wonderful.
I'm yet another sucker! Great writing...
Love this MC, My kind of life. You made her very strong. Keep writing from history.