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This had me chuckling through when I got the the electric socks. How fun! Loved the characters here, delightful read! ^_^
This was a clever way to cover the topic; I loved your preacher's wife and her thoughtful ways.
Fun story! A delightful way to present all the misconceptions about Canada. :)
Very sweet story!
Really cute. I love Amelia's gift and her reasons for giving the light.
The only gift missing was the camera she will need to take the picture of the Northern Lights as soon as she crosses the border... right?

Loved your slice of Sunday School life.
The gag gifts were fun, and also an interesting way to approach the topic. Very cute story.
Another fresh approach to the subject. I enjoyed this.
Delightful and sweet. A fun piece, and neat approach to the topic.
Well written reminder of how stereo-typical our thinking can be of life outside our borders. Fun jabs too :)
What a fun the dialogue!
I'm looking back over a few stories and I came across this lovely entry for Canada. Everyone else has commented on how very touching and affirming the tale is. And that's all certainly true. If I may, I would like to throw in my tuppence.
It's a great story but you lost me a couple of times before I got to the end. I had to read it through a second time to work out exactly what was going on and even then I'm still not sure about the ages of all the characters.
I'm not really sure what to recommend. Probably to cut down on the inter-character interaction as I'm not convinced that this contributes significantly to the humour or to the misconceptions about Canada. As I said, a good story and I hope these comments are helpful. Gregory