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I absolutely love this story. Very nice writing.
Wow! This is lovely!
Nice, very nice. You grabbed me in with the title, thought I'd have a good laugh but you pulled my heartstrings instead. Thanks!
The title had me going here, but I loved the end and was so glad she found someone to talk to. ^_^
First of all, I loved the title. It definitely draws the reader in.

Second, I liked the lesson you taught in his. Sometimes we must step out of our comfort zone and what we are used to in order to grow and mature.

Finally, I like how you debunked many of the stereotypes given to Canadians by Americans. You definitely painted an entirely different picture for me.
You show a lot of Canada's culture through your realistic dialog in your very well-told story.
This story touched my heart with so many truths and with the warmness of the lady in the washroom. The title is eye-catching to be sure, but I don't think it does the overall feel of your story justice. Lovely writing! I enjoyed reading it.
Your title drew me in. This is a warm story and the dear old lady was God sent for sure. Great dialog and message and thanks for the pictures of Canada.
Loved the pace of the story. Chance encounters are one of life's treasures. I'm old fashioned enough to appreciate the gentleness that was shared between the characters. I also love it when youth seeks out wisdom. Nice entry.
What wonderful characters you have created here, and what a beautiful lesson. I feel like I know both of these ladies already. Wonderful.
Wow, the woman looked deep into the mc's eyes, and then began talking about the Lord.
How'd she know? The eyes are the windows to the soul. I loved that reference.
Lovely writing!

The title is funny, but perhaps not really representative of the story and its mood.

Your characters are both very well drawn--I enjoyed this story.
I love this impromptu spiritual conversation set in a "washroom." The details and the interaction between strangers, young and old, are wonderful.
Great dialogue here, though I agree with Jan, from the title I expected something different. It turned out to be much richer and deeper.
Oh it. I especially loved this line:

Its not about location; its all about your heart. Her chuckle was deep and soothing.
Congratulations! What a lovely way to be introduced to a new home, and to describe it to all of us! So deserving of first place.. hope you celebrate today.
This is my kind of story! Congratulations on a well-deserved win...I just love this piece!
I really liked your entry. I love how the characters were able to get to the heart of the matter, and a true focus gained. Absolutely lovely.

Awesome job, Shirley - congratulations! Humour - 'Snotcicles,' compassion from the old lady, wisdom - 'Storybooks temper the pain and fear involved in adventuring, but its a necessary part. Thats what pushes you to grow and change,' and even an inspiring challenge to draw closer to God. Fantastic!
Wonderful writing and so deserving of the honor given to it and its author. Bravo!
I love this "moment" between two believers. What an inspritational and moving story. Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
Congrats Shirley... what a lovely story!