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I was fascinated by how you repeated the key lines. Very nice.
Oh - this is one of those amazing poetic forms, isn't it? It is masterfully done, and the imagery is just beautiful. The repetition is extremely effective.
I don't know if theres a special name for this patter of poetry, but it is amazingly well done with wonderful pictures. I loved it.
(oops...pattern was the word I meant)
This is a beautiful poetry form, made all the more appealing by your well chosen words. Simply lovely.
Thank you for sharing!
Just gorgeous! A beautiful tribute to Canada.
Love the title, too. :)
Very nice! You painted a beautiful portrait of Canada.
I was going to say this was gorgeous, then I noticed someone else used the same word, but it truly is. Your poem really touched my heart, and I loved the way you interwove the various phrases. This is a winner in my book!
Very beautiful, and I love the poetic form! It's very reminiscent of the Psalms....I've thought about trying something like that myself. Masterfully done!
You've been paying attention to your own Master classes... wonderful Pantoum poem. I was riveted by the images your words created. My body even felt the chill of the air as that one single snowflake brushed past my cheek.
Wonderful, just wonderful. The form is just... magical.
I love the poem. It was neat how the pattern of the last line becoming the third in the next verse formed. Very good.
Exquisite! This poetry form (pantoum?)is tremendously effective with certain topics, and it definitely works for this one! I've never attempted it, but this is inspiring...I may have to play with it one of these days very soon.
I like it. I like the way the length/words switch around and the descriptions for things like the aurora borealis. Nice. ^_^
Breath taking! Awesome job...another master piece.
This is top of my personal list. Love the repetition of the lines reinforcing the beautiful imagery with the secene reflecting the MC's heart. Congratulations.
How long did this take you, Jan? Very beautiful - haunting, in fact. And extremely clever. Hats off.
Your writing talent knows no bounds as you demonstrate in this piece. I'm loving getting caught up on some of your recent entries.