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Very clever, and I suspect the following is just about right: Canada isnt the star of the show, Bob continued. It just borders on our back yard, comporting itself with quiet dignity and staying out of trouble, while we bumble about and think ourselves superior. Yet, no matter what, Canada is always there at the fence, with that friendly greeting of Hi-dee-ho, good neighbor!

I didn't know we said "hi-dee-ho" but then I haven't actually lived in Canada for the last 15 years (lol)

Very good.
Wonderfully creative...I love it!
Completely creative and out of the box. FUN!
A very clever and enjoyable metaphor
Cleverly written. This is certainly out of the box.
I just LOVED this. Very funny--the conversation was a hoot! Nicely done.
I'll never watch Home Improvement the same again.(hehe) I love the imagination Bob had. His metaphoric antenna were amazing.
Very good! The allegory and the writing both excellent. Great dialogue.
This was perfect. I didn't enter the challenge this week because, sad to say, I just couldn't think of anything. It's really humbling, to me anyway, that we have this huge, marvelous country right above us, yet I know so little about it.
How does your mind work??? This was an awesome metaphor, and great fun to read.
Fantastic. Loved every line of this one - clever, funny and the dialogue flowed so well with the MC's thoughts. You are definitely onto something!
Does that mean "Three's Company" brought Mexico into the metaphor? Wonderful writing. I loved every twisted insight.
Hoo boy. I loved this! Hilarious, but with plenty of stuff for my brain to pounce on and think through. I loved it. Great characters especially. ^_^
Wilson would have loved this...Tim wouldn't get it...Jill would be calling him an idiot. You must have had lots of fun.
You obviously thought that one through! Well done.