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I think you did a brilliant job.
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece of writing.
A wonderfully told story. Though it shames us to do so, remembering ours sins of the past will, hopefully, keep us from repeating them in the future.
So many horrific things were done/and are still be done in the name of religion. So sad. I've never heard of the Magdalene Laundry you mention. Wow! Your message "it is Jesus' blood that cleanses" shines through. Your writing is exquisite and compelling.
Your writing reaches the depth of the readers soul and causes a desire to reach out and aid your MC. Beautiful, highly descriptive, and haunting. Write the book, tell the tale.
This story was intense, raw and gripped me from beginning to end. Excellent writing.
Oustanding writing, heartbreaking story, superb characterization and atmosphere. Excellent and beautiful in every way. I find it incredible that these were still operating in 1996! Wow.
I read this once, a few days ago.
It is still haunting me.
Absolutley amazing writing!
I wonder if I know who this is.
Heart-wrenching story that truly grips the reader. Descriptions are vivid and story is wonderfully told. The fast-paced action acts as a catalyst to draw the reader into this compelling read. Bravo!
Absolutely masterful. The note made me cry. So horrible, and you gave it a face and personality. Excellent.
How heart-breaking! I can hardly believe these infamous laundries continued until 1996!! How could such things exist today?? Thank you so much for your compelling portrayal of this bit of history! Excellent writing!
Your story is amazingly well written, going straight to the reader's heart.
Amazing job! YOu captivated me with this story. It seems to me like it could be expanded into a full length novel. I'd read it, full of suspense and struggling along the path to forgiveness for self and others.
Fabulous, Chely!! Such tension and suspense, and heartbreak. Congratulations!
I felt this well-written story was a winner when I first read it!! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR E.C.!!
Chely -- Congrats on your EC with this!!!