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I love this story and the fresh and excited way in which the young girl viewed the city. The turn around for the guide is a lovely way to end this story. I liked the scene of both of them singing "London Bridge", too. ( :
I loved seeing London through this precious girl's eyes - and the eyes of this "tour guide" who developed a new love for her city. Beautiful.
This is one of my favourites this week- probably because I have worked with children, and now adults with Down's Syndrome.
Seeing the world through their eyes is always a revelation, and they do have the ability to bring out the best in others.
This story is as sweet and endearing as the precious girl in it.
Sweet story, indeed! I enjoyed "seeing" again some of the places that I visited last summer.

I'm a bit confused, though, because Down Syndrome isn't usually life-threatening, nor is it really an illness...

Your two MCs are wonderfully written.
This was tender and emotional. Very nicely done.
Thanks for reminding us all to NOT lose the wonder of what God has so graciously given us.
Your well written story made me think about how much we take our own place for granted and about how much we can learn from those we sometimes consider "disadvantaged.
This was an awesome story, told brilliantly and seen through the eyes of someone who enjoys life through positive lenses.
I appreciated the way you showed the heart change in Sarah. Beth sounds like such a sweet girl. Her love for all things beautiful just makes me want to join in on her tour of the city.
What a wonderfully written piece! I loved touring London with Beth and enjoyed watching her excitement in all she saw!
CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved E.C. win! :)
Congrats Debbie... on receiving an EC with this heart-warming entry!