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Very clever! I know enough Shakepeare likes to pick them out, but I am sure I missed a few. Very witty!
If you tickle us, do we not laugh? The quality of humour was not strained... it was twice blessed; it blesses her that gives and her that reads
OK I can't think of any more clever comments. Don't know how you do it!
How totally clever you are!
I love it, love it, love it. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next line, searching for the treasures! Too funny and just wonderfully creative. Bravo.
Tee hee...I love it. Very witty and clever. Absolutely wonderful.
Wow, I knew more Shakespeare quotes than I thought I did--but I'm sure I missed many, too. So very clever. This had me chuckling throughout, and looking for the next quote. It was fun. :)
Wonderfully hilarious to the last swell line!
Well, what a time I had brushing up on Shakespeare! And I was rusty, took me a good chunk of time to read it because I kept googling the phrases, just to see which play the quotes were from. Wonderful and witty; you definitely had a method in the madness. :-)

SOOOOOO Delicious!!!

Oh my - what a LOAD of fun, wit, and delight! I'm sure I missed some of the quotes too - but I caught several. Love this! Incredibly clever.
Marvelous writing. Shakespeare would approve... and so would your MC. This is the funniest entry I have read in a long time.
Oh, this was hillarious. I LOVE the setting and the script is brilliant. When I read your writing I realize just how far I have to go. Amazing!
Super Fun! Great Creativity! Thanks for sharing!
Perfect! Perfect! I loved the beginning, adored the ending, and admired everything in between! You are the "Queen of Clever" with this amusing piece! I doff my hat to you! :)
*laughing at self* how ridiculous I must have looked when I was listening to Edward say those lines and think, "Was he really Shakespear under a pen name? or Did I miss something?" HAHA to me. I caught on when Edward said that Wm Shakespear got all the good stuff.
I really enjoyed this, with my goofy brain and all.
ha, ha, ha! Bravo! Bravo!
There are sooo many fun things in this, Jan, that I felt like a kid in a candy shop...which to choose?!

This made me laugh out loud (too clever, Thou):

"Out, darned Spot!"

Oh my. What a brain is in that head of your'n, m' Dear!
Fantastic, Jan! Not only very entertaining, but a plausible alternative to that pesky Shakespeare-Bacon theory...
I often wondered where he got the ideas and words for his work and now I know - in discussions with his wife : )
Who said marriage doesn't have its benefits? Wonderful job, Jan.
Amazing, just amazing....I laughed aloud at the Spot part too. :)
Congratulations, Jan. Your writings are amazing. Thank you for sharing your talents in so many encouraging ways.
Congratulations, Jan!!
This was terrific...a well-deserved win!
Fantastic! Such fun to read :) Congratulations!
It's a gem! Enjoyed every second of it! Congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS, Jan!! I KNEW this was going to be a winner! :)
"The eagle suffers little birds to sing." {Titus Andronicus Quote Act IV, Scene 4.} Jan, you inspire this little bird! AND I was laughing so hard out loud, my son came into my office to check on me. Brilliant!
What an absolute riot! Love this! Congrats Jan!
Congratulations, Jan! That was delightful.
This is wonderfully hilarious and well-deserving of 1st place!
Loved your story! Congrats on first place! I appreciate your feedback on my stories, and wanted you to know.
Aside from your exquisite writing talent (I've read several of your entries), I appreciate your command of grammar and mechanics--I've just learned how to write a play through reading this!
This piece is one of my over-all favorites of yours! Knowing about your recent trip made it all the more fun... congrats Jan. Well deserved win here.
Congratulations on your first place. You really deserved it.
Love Norms
Loved the injection of Shakespeare throughout the story. So very clever and a ton of fun.