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Well, you mix some cooked cabbage and maybe some cooked onions and carrots with mashed potatoes You made me positively hungry! Amazing that we speak the same languagebut we don't, not really. Well done.
This is such a fun read! I enjoyed the descriptions of foods that sound different to us and wonder how some of ours might sound to someone not from here.
What fun! Enjoyed the culture clash and "language" gap. This must have been so much fun to write!
I loved this dialogue. Very comical, I can see my husband talking to a UK national like Fannie, except I think he'd probably begin to make a game of it once he figured out the connections.
I thought the Fanny mentioned was Fanny Craddock, the famous British cook from way, way back. I couldn't understand why she would have any problems understanding the menu! I love bubble and sqeak! Not with black pudding though!