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When we were kids and played the game that, in more modern times, when with this poem, we had no idea what the words meant. I had heard the tale before, but not with the eloquence of your words. Well done.
Wow! I love this one! Why? Glad you asked:
One: It shares history.
Two: Explains a children's song.
Three: Paints pictures with words that enraptures my attention.

I applaud thee!!!
A sad and stirring part of history here. I, too, used to innocently sing that song, totally unaware of its meaning. You've done a great job of enlightening your reader with words and phrases that paint your scenes vividly.
This is absolutely, positively masterful. I also have heard this story, but you absolutely brought it to life in an engaging way. I will remember this for a long time.
I, too, had no idea of the origin of this song nor of the nobleness of this people, which you so aptly described.
Well-told piece of history here! :) What inspiring, selfless people were the villagers of Eyam! Your carefully chosen words paint such a stark, vivid picture of that tragic time. I was going to mention my specific favorite descriptions, but there were way too many!! :) I would also like to mention that I really liked the message of this story and its closing lines.
I remember singing the song as a child, then as an adult I heard the story behind the song. YOur way with words brought to life the history that backs up the stories I heard.
Your usual excellence, and the last half is particularly lyrical. Outstanding!
Wow - this is dark, bold and leaves me with goosebumps. I had to read it again to get all of the historical info out of it, as I was swept away in the emotion the first time through. Great, great piece.
Excellent, Loren. Your writing is outstanding, and I love reading this bit of history.
Wow... I had heard this story before as well, but you really brought it to life. Excellent writing, as usual! :)
I have never seen the Black Plague or the story of Ring Around the Rosie told with such eloquence and mastery. I truly look up to you as a writer, and I hope that someday I can convey my thoughts as well as you do and give my readers something to ponder and think about.