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Like a slice out of a very intriguing mystery novel. Makes me want to read the early chapters and certainly the latter.
I hope this is part of a larger work. I hung on every word. Vivid descriptions and engaging characters. Wonderful.
I'm totally intrigued and the loneliness and struggle within the heart of the MC has drawn me in. Please keep writing this....
With masterful writing you've created an eerie armosphere and wonderful mystery. I'd read the rest, for sure.
How beautiful is this story--so haunting and reflective. I agre with everyone, please keep writing it.
Title made me curious and you didn't disappoint. An engaging and haunting read. Bravo!
Just one problem I see...
Where's the rest of the story? What happened to him? What do the villagers think she did wrong?
Oh, you know, like the others said, this is like an excerpt from a novel.
OH! is that all? You've got to make this into a whole book, Dee!
Wow, Dee! This is moody and melancholy, just like the cliffs and the sea it describes. What an awesome first chapter! Can't wait to read the rest!
Way to go Dee! A place well deserved.
This is wonderful, Dee! I was swept away. Congratulations!
You created a wonderful mood in this sad story of unexplained loss. Excellent descriptive writing, well-deserving of an E.C.!! :)
Oh wow Dee... I wanted to read more. Love your use of setting and mystery.. So very good. Congrats on your EC!