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The missionary life is a hard one. You've given the reader a slice of authenticity with this interesting entry.
You showed us the culture here well through the eyes of a missionary. I like how she assured her parents she "didn't look."
This is absolutely superb writing--the voice spot on for the time period. This is definitely one of my favorites for this week--wonderful writing!
What a wonderful glimpse into the missionary lifestyle; when missions were far less "predictable". Excellent writing.
How fun! I love your approach and how you wrote so authentically for the time period. Great job on the research too. Well done!
I loved this!!

The only part that didn't feel authentic to me was the telling of the naked chief and the telling of busying her eyes elsewhere.

I'm also wondering if she would have used different terminology for "pen and paper" I don't know ... I am just wondering. :)

Beautiful writing.
Wonderful entry.
Your story is fascinating and sounds so authentic. Your description of the native people was so good. The "confession" of the "Mowrie chief scene" says so much about your MC.
MC voice perfect for period and the descriptions gently draw your reader into each scene she depicts. Excellent!
A letter I would like to read from my daughter off on a mission, even the "embarrassing" moments when one must avert the eyes.
Great entry, creative and chock full of interesting information. The voice of the MC really made it readable to me, confessions, opinions and all of that. Really nice job - hope it does well.
If I didn't know better, I'd think this was an authentic letter, the writing is so true to that era! This is a wonderful tale and I can't help wondering if that chief wasn't a portent of trouble to there more to this story? ( I hope!)
Great voice. I really enjoyed this piece.
You entered into the mind of the MC and we, the readers, followed willingly. It does seem so authentic and real and a great and fun way to glimpse a history and part of the world I'd never thought to study.
Interesting and engaging. Really enjoyed this well written piece.
The language used in this piece fits very well within the time period. I felt like I was reading an authentic letter that was 100% real. Superb writing! :)