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Wowthis was an aspect of Australian living I hadn't thought about. Fascinatingthe descriptions are as vivid as though you had lived them? Did you?
A masterpiece of pacing--with the climax at the very end! Now that's good storytelling...I suspect that those two young men are going to be just fine.
You are a masterful storyteller. I really like how the mc was strengthened by her faith physically and emotionally.
Why did you stop? I want to know more! :)

Very well-researched and thought out. I agree - you're a masterful storyteller!
Very well written! Great job!
One note.. And just my personal opinion.

I realize you wanted to make an analogy between cancer and the bushfire but to me, the mention of her losing her husband is depressing.. and not much else.
The last paragraph is very intense and the situation overwhelming. Personally, I would rather see the whole family working together or something really tangibly hopeful at the end.

That's just my opinion. :)
POWERFUL writing. I was caught up in your words and got lost chasing embers and ducking smoke. I love the vision of Pentecost, and Old Testament "trial by fire". The MC's faith shows the result of a lifetime of burying the Word in your heart.
Very well thought out storytelling with a wonderful message. Excellent writing!
Wow! Amazing, gripping story. I can't imagine doing what they did. Your description of the family "being refined like silvertested like gold. Survive this fiery furnace, by His grace" was awesome. Your story is only topped by your message.
Very visual, very unique; in a word, excellent. I enjoyed this piece very much.
Great writing here. I loved that you left us hanging, but also looking to a positive end. You sucked me in from the beginning.
The scene was painted so vividly, you held me captive.
Just excellent. I love all the imagery and parallels. It made this visual piece even more so to me. Excellent.
Two thumbs up. Left me wanting more! Great writing!
Okay, wowzer. THAT was one of the best endings I've ever seen. We all know what happened to Goliath! Love it. This is an excellent piece, filled with great description and an engaging plot.
There is so much to love about this, not only the story itself, but the way it is written as well. Breathtaking and intense are two words that come to mind as well as the authentic use of language/dialogue.
Some people are born to write and are extremely good at it. You happen to be one of those people. My jaw drops every time I read one of your pieces. You have such a way with words, and this story is no exception. I love how you inserted Biblical references throughout, and the ending left me excited. One of my favorites this week!
Michele -- just wanted you to know, this is one of my favorites for the Australia challenge.