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There is so much herenot only the tour of New Zealand, but the story around which the tour is woven. I don't know if the story is true, but I love the idea of leaving a little bit of oneself in all those special places where memories have been made. And the journey of understanding, compassion, and privilege of your MC was well done.
This is a beautiful story of a family bond; your descriptive details show a lovely country.
WOW! What beautiful descriptions of New Zealand and a story to bring tears to my eyes as well.
I love the relationship between the generations portrayed here. Lovely.
To be completely honest, I usually am not attracted to journal type entries, but this is one of my favorites this week;) I absolutely loved the line, No problem. he replied. God is God.
And the ending made me a little teary. Loved it!
I admittedly don't know much about New Zealand, except what I've seen in the bonus material of the Lord of the Rings movies. What they've shown is gorgeous! I could just imagine this journey from your descriptions. Your story is very moving. I like the diary entries.
Amazing. The MC's change in attitude toward Grampie, the trip, and life is apparent from your masterful writing. Wonderful title, too. One of my favorites this week.
Your descriptions of both land and heart are beautiful. I could see it, although I have never been to New Zealand. Thank you for the tour.
Just beautiful. I love the "narrated tour," along with the richly told and woven tale as we go along. Beautiful.
At first I didn't know if I would get engaged in the story because of the format, but I quickly became engaged as I read the first couple of entries.

I think what I liked most was how you brought New Zealand to life. Your writing regarding the locations was very authentic leading me to believe that you have traveled this continent yourself many times. :)

Great job with this.
Congratulations on your 1st place. This is really good. I love the format, and getting to "see" beautiful New Zealand.
The lump in my throat is evidence enough for me that this was wonderful. Your talent at descriptive phrases is (as always) amazing.... sigh. This piece was creatively delivered, bang on topic and very engaging. I'll go and have that cry now.
Congrats on your most deserved win! Loved the imagery, the character development, the warmth of this piece.. Bravo!
WOW!! What an awesome piece that truly deserved its FIRST PLACE win! I loved it!! Your descriptions were delightful, your characters well-drawn, and the story sweet and sad and lovely!! GREAT writing!! :)
You captured my attention from the very first journal entry. I couldn't stop reading and wished for more. Beautiful...
Congratulations Debbie, on winning with this lovely entry!
What a great story! True or not? My wife and I do a Bible study and sing old (and some new) Christian songs in our local old folks home. It is amazing how appreciative the residents are of even any little thing you do for them. Keep up the good work!
It was awesome to watch Jessica's attitude change throughout this piece, almost from the very beginning. Her grampie's gratefulness initiated her desire to make the turnaround. This was really a heartwarming story. I like Jessica a lot.

This is so very touching. Congratulations! (I'm quite behind on my reading) :)