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Though I have no clue what many of these things are, it sounded so Aussie to me, I felt like I was there...loved the imagery, the flow, and the feel of this fascinating country..
Excellentand dare I say it? so human!
Your comical creativity is something to be admired and encouraged.
Wow! I'm impressed by your super-creative mind. This is delightful, and I wish I'd written it! ;-)
Absolutely delightful and fun, and CLEARLY well-researched! Just fun beyond belief, and incredibly put together.
Okay, this one is absolutely my favorite this week! I'm not usually a huge fan of this genre, but this one--with it's AWESOME message--just takes the cake.
This is hilarious, and I LOVE that the title compliments the poem. Well done!
Ha,Ha,Ha! I knew you could do it, Beffy!

I love this part:
"The crocodile insisted that
His pocket be astride
His nose, but as he focused
His eyes became cross-eyed."
This is so fascinating I had to read it again, aloud. Very creative and a great message, too.
What one won't do to be like all the "cool" guys...(LOL)
I loved this little plight of the faux-supials...
What a clever, well-crafted piece with a powerful message! I could easily see this as an illustrated children's book! Excellent, excellent job! :) (And how interesting that we both used the "Kookaburra" song in our writing this week!)
This is so fun to read and imagine, and it reminds me of the Seuss characters who had stars upon thars...and those who didn't! Very clever, Beth. ( :
Oh. My.

How absolutely brilliant and clever and well... just GRAND! LOVED it!

Fantastic, fantastic job!!!!!
Lot sof Aussie flavor in this one. I always did wonder what marsupials stored in those pouches of theirs besides babies. LOL. Very creative piece that looks like it took a lot of work and thought to craft. Thanks so much for sharing!