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Very "local" - loved this! Had a friend from Australia spend a month with us in 2006 and we learned a bunch of new slang - this piece really captures the feel.
Great voices (I think!) and a very enjoyable story.
I loved the dialogue here. Somehow I missed this colorful language when I watched the Sydney newscasts. Oh well, must have been on the wrong channel. Great job!
I loved it. The dialogue made the story come alive.
Delightful! Wonderful job with the dialect. A fun piece that felt very authentic (LOL like I'd know!).
Great title, and I enjoyed every bit of this. Poor bloke!
This must have been so much fun to write, because it was a blast to read! Very entertaining!
Are you SURE you don't live in Australia Wow! This sounds so authentic (to my North American ears). :) My favorite paragraph was the one about wading in the billabong. Too funny:) This is so good! Excellently researched too. LOVE IT!
This must have been fun to write; it sure was fun to read. I can't tell you if the slang is accurate, but it sounds good to me. ;) Creative format, too. Well done!
I enjoyed reading this.
VERY fun...and lots of cool slang to figure out as I read! I hope they all sound like this...we need Deb's input...or maybe we'll just listen to her in August-LOL. ( :
You sure you're not from the land of Oz?
I have a feeling that a true Aussie wrote this one. It felt like I was reading a foreign language, and I loved every bit of it(even if I didn't understand half of the vocabulary). Very good piece for the topic! :)
This was a pleasure to read. I could "hear" the two fellows talking. I laughed the whole way through.
Yvonne, oh my, this was just wonderful! Stone the flamin' crows, you 'ad Willie's voice down pat.

Loved the 'drongo' and 'stunned mullet' and yes, even some city folk talk like that. LOL I know I often use 'drongo' and 'stunned mullet'.

I sure hope this places - it's perfect.

Oh, how creative and humorous. Great job with dialogue, too. Love it.
How creative and fun! Wildly entertaining as well. Great job!!!!