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Aw, I really like this! I love the differences shown in the personalities. I think I'd be the morning person but my suitcase would be bulging and ripped as I always over pack and need an iron. Grin. I got a kick out of the beginning of their canoe trip and love the comparisons and descriptions. Very well done! I enjoyed this piece! :0)
This was hilarious, made me laugh out loud!!! Having a best friend can be such a blessing and gift, especially if you're not exactly alike. How boring would that be?
What fun! Love the contrasting personalities. Really enjoyed this.
You painted a delightful picture of a long-time friendship. I loved your characterization--felt like I knew both women and would like to be their friend and take a trip with them.
This has a fun, chummy feel to it. :)

I laughed at the clerk's reaction to their comfortable shoes.

One thing. Overusing words other than "he said / she said" actually draws readers away from the story onto the tag words...and/or readers will skip those words altogether.

Just a thought. :)

What fun women! I felt as if I wanted to be right there with them. (I'm the morning person, by the way).
"Easy peasy"...not! Loved the circling canoe bit, and the fun of opposite friends. Love it!
Nicely written story that tells 2 tales - the wonderful friendship of these women, and the story of their vacation. This was a joy to read!
Friends like that keep life fresh. (hehe) Love Melinda and her quirky ways.
Ha… I laughed at the "quel desastre!" :) and at the "pile of clothes that's breathing." The "Dr. Scholl's comfort-sole shoes and points to a safe an cumbersome paddle boat" was great. You have so much fun stuff in this and your ending is comfy.
I adore your women. Love the comparison of the canoe ride and their friendship, too. This was great!
The two opposite personalities made this very entertaining...loved their friendship and humor.
My friend Ericka and I share that kind of friendship....she's the morning person, I'm the late sleeper! :) Fun story!
Your descriptions are excellent (loved the line about lattes - HA!) and the words you choose are just sublime. I feel like I really know these ladies now (and I'm thinking I may need to take a trip with my own "Melinda")! Great job.
I'm not sure if this story was true or fictional, but it had a very authentic feel to it. If it was fictional, you did a very good job making it seem like a true firsthand experience.

I'll admit that the opening sentence didn't really draw me in, but after I got past it, then I was hooked. I especially liked the ending. I thought that you wrapped things up quite nicely. Good job! :)
What a fun trip. I enjoyed their friendship, different personalities and realistic dialogue.
I'm so glad someone wrote about my home! I went punting on the River Avon with some friends last week - but in style where we just sat and relaxed and the punter pushed the boat along. Great story.