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Very Cure! Held my attention throughout. I struggled some with the cadence but I really liked the entry. I too hope to visit there someday.
I liked this creative and fun entry. Rhyme and meter are A+, and you know more about this coutry than I do--although I like the accent too.
This was so much fun, I had to read it again. Loved it!
Loved it; it sounded like an Aussie could have written it. The style of poetry and the sense of humor is typical of the land. The only thing that gave you away is that Aussies never throw a shrimp on the barbie. I think that's something Hollywood started. Here they're called prawns and although I'm forty-six next month, I've never been to a barbie where an Aussie does that.
Cute and clever and FUN. Enjoyed this.
You pointed out some interesting customs in your "not serious" ;-) poem.
LOL… "I like the name of Hilda" and "I really hope you likey" This is total fun with a lot of Australian details thrown in! Thelma, you are a great poet! :)
Love the tongue-in-cheek humor here! Hilarious!
Oh my...this was a hoot. Super entertaining, and I totally enjoyed it!
Very fun! Thelma made me smile. :-D
This was very cute. I love the poem and the note that you found a contest to enter. I hope you win enough $$ to go to Australia too, (if I can stash myself in you luggage. LOL Promise, I'll be invisible...)
Wow....this is talent! You have wonderful creativity even while being silly. :)
You've judged enough entries to create a good poem, haven't you now?! Love this character and her funny writing...and if she wins that prize, Scott's gonna have some 'splainin' to do! Love this humor, Betty.
LOL. The poem was very funny and enjoyable, but I enjoyed the intro and end bits the best. I think we all would enjoy a nice cash prize for our entries in the challenge. :)
Very clever, delightful poem, made me chuckle.