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LOL! This is fun, and has got me smiling this morning.

However, this Texan has to take issue with the part about cowboys. ;0)

Well done.
Okay then. With that said, what was said, anyway? I think we just got poked fun at! Thanks, it was fun.
Just goes to show you that even though we speak the same language (supposedly), we really don't speak the same language at all! Huge fun.
LOL, I didn't understand half of the slang used here :P But it was still funny, especially seeing that though the language is technically the same, dialect and slang can sometimes make it hard to understand one another.
LOL. You gotta admit it's much easier to say "y'all" than "the whole flamin.....whatever" ;-)
Really favorite was the Statue of Liberty.
Love it! Maybe next week we'll have "turnabout is fair play". Lots and lots of fun to read this.
Now THIS is out of the box. Can't even SEE the box LOL. You must have had a BLAST with this one!! LOVE it.
You must have been shocked after submitting this to learn Australia-New Zealand was next :) Are you writing a sequel?