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What a beautifully woven story of your own heritage with that of the students you teach. This induced a variety of emotions--laughter, tears and lots of chicken skin. Very well written.
I can feel lots of different emotions coming through from all the characters—makes for a really good story. Well done.
Beautifully written, from the "Nervous Nelly" framework, to the finely-written relationship between the two men and the glimpses into the narrator's heart. Outstanding!
Very enjoyable story -and touching, too.
This is a really great story which presents the "spirit" of being an American citizen in a wonderful way.
Beautiful and touching. So poignant and delightfully written.
Enjoyed getting to know your characters on their journey through citizenship. Very fun ending too.
I'm not sure why, but this piece really touched me. Although it's light-hearted, it struck a chord in me that has my eyes welling with tears. Right now, I'm very proud to be a US citizen. Thank you for this piece.
I loved the way you made a simple American idiom a symbol of all the things that bind us together as citizens. Exceptional writing!
This was great piece; lighthearted but with some depth to it. Loved it!
Such a sweet, sweet story! It did a wonderful job of inspiring gratitude for something so many of us take for granted - our American citizenship.
There are so many sacrificing, hard working, Americans behind the scenes to make this country work. Thanks for that reminder...unsung heroes.
I so enjoyed the description of the DAR ladies, "looked like ambassadors from the Land of Oz" and I love the judges comments. This is so good!
This is another favorite this week. I like how you balanced humor and seriousness--made the reader think and laugh. Structure-wise it has a nice unity with "nervous nelly" opening and closing the piece. Well done and an excellent topic choice for USA.
Outstanding writing--as always. Excellent story for the topic.
Wonderful, wonderful piece that treats a touchy topic with wisdom! Your description of the DAR ladies gave me a big smile, too! Excellent, thoughtful writing! :)
Very thoughtful writing with just the right touch of humor. Perfect for the topic, too.
A heartwarming story....I almost teared up with this one. It took me a minute to get into it, but once I did, I found it delightfully written. Well done!