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Classic! It's hard to believe that anyone who can trust God to take him to the mission field can't trust that same God to provide a wifebut probably true. Hilariousloved it!
I liked this romantic story but you almost lost me on how it fit the topic--I got that the MC was traveling the USA in search of a wife, but thought the tie-in a bit weak.
I liked how your mc's computer took him all over the USA to look for a wife, while the perfect one was just next door. Good twist.
Great title, and a delightful entry with a bang-up ending!
I loved it! 'Looking for love in all the wrong places' indeed! And how true that if we will just trust God, He will provide! Wonderful!
Charming and well-written, and a very fun way to take us all over the country.

I found the ending a tad predictable, maybe a little bit contrived; nevertheless, it made me smile a lot.

Both of my daughters found their husbands when they stopped looking!
This was so much fun. I was smiling from very close to the beginning. Love the online-dating idea to take this young man all over the USA. Big Congrats on moving up to Masters. :)

I remember us discussing writing a piece like this. I was unable to muster up the creativity to do it (even though I have had the real life experience with it flying to other states to meet girls). You did an awesome job. I liked the Colorado reference in there, and now that I met Jamie, I can confirm that the lesson in this story is 100% valid and true. When you quit looking, God does wonders. :)
I absolutely love this story! Poor boy, racking up all those frequent flier miles, when all he had to do was wait on the Lord.