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I can just see this young farmer heading out west. He's been to college and knows it all. His buying might not we so wise, but he remembers what he has learned about erosion. Good job.
Excellent. I love the cleverness of this: "snaked tongue dripped with oil", "hare in his stew". One of my favorites so far this week.
This young man, an optimist to a fault, and so naive and gullible. Where would our country be without these "learn the hard way" folks? Hilarious!
Ooooh what a riot! If this isn't who I think it is, um...well,...hehe never mind!
Brilliant and fun.
This is a delightfully humorous poem all the way through with the last stanza as my favorite.
Cute. I especially liked "hare" in his food and conturing the Grand Canyon. Clever! I hope this is a win.
Fun take on the topic.
This is awesome! I wish I knew how to do this--funny poem, perfect in rhyme and meter, and most of all just so, so clever!
Very fun read and creative approach to the topic. I felt sorry for Joe once he shook that clammy hand! Pretty sure I know the author of this delightful poem, which as always, is perfect in rhyme and meter.
This was fun to read.
This is fantastic! It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around!
Pam Davis