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These lines are particularly wonderful: "A country of wonderfully insane contradictions. A place where we foolishly waste fortunes on South American worms while at the same time give even more to those who only dream of attempting something so bold. A place where the greatest of intentions are held in place by the slimmest of hopes. A place where a few are even willing to die to ensure others the right to ridicule those who died for them." Very good.
Makes one think...

Blessings on your writing.
Incredible descriptions, and I especially like the last couple paragraphs. Beautiful.
You introduced a real, wonderful American character to us.
An interesting character that probably exists somewhere in this great land.
Love the descriptions of the "inner sanctum", and the quirky character you created.
This was superb.Congrats on the biggest of so deserved it.
Congratulations on your 1st place. This is beautifully written. Clark, and your MC, are great Americans.
Congratulations on a wonderful entry! Beautifully descriptive and deeply touching.
An excellent piece with beautifully written insight.
Congratulations Tim! I particularly enjoyed the last paragraph- powerful writing.
Congratulations on your top-flight entry! The characters were delightfully drawn, the scene wonderfully described! Excellent writing and worthy of first place honor! :)
Clark Dobbs was so well "shared" with the reader that I think I know him.
You did a sophisticated approach using common man. Made me think. Congrats on winning.
This is a great story with a powerful message. Your descriptive writing made every sentence come alive for me--especially the MC. Your final paragraph wrapped this up nicely. Congrats on a well deserved win.
Wow! Congratulations, I can certainly understand why this piece took 1st. I don't have to read another entry to get that. This is the perfect analogy of our wonderful, conflicted, generous, yet slightly "touched" country. God bless you for writing it! :)
I can see why this entry placed first. Though I haven't read the competition, I would have given it high markings as well--such excellent characterization in so short of space. I enjoyed the actual writing as well, like the phrasing: "Clarks house was a two room affair sitting on stilts in the middle of his little catfish pond". It made me chuckle myself, sharing in the amusement of the narrator. I suppose you need more critiques than praises, but I can't offer that on this one.
good stuff, Tim. very good.
Sooooo good Tim. SO glad I had a reason to read this again - and CONGRATULATIONS on third place in BoB!
CONGRATULATIONS, TIM! Your entry is wonderful and so deserving of a place in the top 3. :-)
Congratulations, Tim, on being in the top three for BOB. The character you created so skillfully deserved a winning place.
Congratulations, Tim. Reading this one has little doubt as to your ability to write and develop memorable characters that leave an imprint on our hearts and minds.
That's neat. Thought-provoking, draws the reader in to see something different and see through different eyes. Congratulations.
Really cool analogy, Tim. And lots of colorful and interesting words. Congrats on your BOB placing.
Tim, Tim, Tim; excellent work. The descriptions in here are so vivid.

Congrats on 3rd place BoB!
I knew a man like this. This so aptly gets to "bottom line". Congrats, Tim, on the high honor you received with this story!
What a neat story. It should teach each of us a lesson on judging another. Everyone here has been created by our God, and for a purpose. You certainly brought that thought out. Bless you, and, may we all learn the lesson well!
Congratulations on your BOB award! It is well deserved, and speaks so truly of our USA. With all its faults, we're so blessed to be here.
Loved reading this! What a fine example of how an ordinary encounter with an extraordinary person can turn into a story that carries so much inspiration. Congratulations on your well-deserved win!
Absolutely brilliant! A read that not only fascinated, educated, touched me and almost moved me to tears with the simplicity of the story. Written like a Pro - and well worth your Win. (Haven't read the 1st and 2nd winners as of yet - but when I do...I may even come back to tell you I liked yours best! Congratulations! Better late than never! You gave me a new look at our Motherland...and at a time I needed it badly. Thanks! Great job!
Very poignant! What characterization! Can't even imagine any criticisms. Great writing!!
I am quite late in congratulating you, Tim. Better late than never, though. I enjoyed your USA story very much,and I'm so glad it placed in the Best of the Best.
Wow. That was fantastic. Our house is a mighty fine house indeed. Thanks for the reminder.
Congrats on being #3 BOB!!!!!!!! :-D