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Awesome. I was wondering if anyone would write on this topic. Great use of vivid words; I was right there with Amber.

Blessings on your writing.
Absolutely engaging and breathtakingly intense. I also wondered if anyone would use this idea for the topic, and you did an incredible job with it.
Your gripping, exceptionally well written story had me holding my breath.
Excellent suspense. I really wondered if she'd get out. Did you deliberately not name the place she was trapped in to make us have to follow the trail of clues? I have to admit, that at first read, I put Amber in a different location until the end. Guess I'm a little slow. ;-) I Like how you portrayed Aden, the rescuer.
Very well told...
Very well written--especially strong in atmosphere, mood, setting. May be one of my favorites of yours.
very, very well told - from the title to the end. It felt as though I were there with her. :)
Great, vivid descriptions and mood. I was right there with her. Ummmm, since I'm not American I may not get right away where this is (I'm taking a guess as to where and when, but I am not 100%). Maybe it's just me, but a bit more transparency as to the location may be helpful for some.
Incredible! Your first person account of this is truly riveting. The detail, right down to her own fight for life, is so vivid; I felt as though I were there holding her hand.
Wow! I felt like I was right there in the rubble with Amber.