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Go London!
I have a feeling London is about to tell her parents Who REALLY wrote the Book on Christmas. :) I LIKE this! Original and entertaining.
An apt commentary on the reason for the season with some deliciously confused parents. I'm not a 100% convinced about your closing line - I can guess what's she's about to say. But at a pinch I could also imagine a few other things she might be about to come out with.
BTW tell me that no one really makes diamond encrusted computer mice - on the other hand, don't tell me. I probably couldn't bear it!
What a contrast - and i just LOVE your title!! Perfect for the entry, which was so compelling.
It's so hard for the rich to 'get it' for sure. Glad London did and is willing to share! Good story!
Yeah, London!
What struck me most about this well-written piece is the daughter's name, London. Immediately, it brought up images of a town, hidden in fog to the outside world. Your choice of her name for this article speaks volumes about the way its message was delivered and received.
I love the name London, and the first 3/4 of this story ROCKS. To me, it fizzled a bit at the end, but the message was loud and clear, and the dialogue was particularly fresh and zippy. Great job!
I'm glad London's not going to grow up to be just another snooty rich kid with no idea of what Christmas is really all about. Her parents can (and no doubt will, from your closing line), learn a lot from her. I enjoyed this well done read.
Excellent commentary on Jesus' teaching on riches, particularly 'How hard it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven'. With a modified ending it would make a GREAT skit. Nice job!
I really enjoyed your story. It looks like the clueless parents were about to find out who really wrote the Book!
Nice work!! Your characters are believable and well-developed. "We wrote the book on Christmas" sad. I like how you left the story open-ended.
I could see London's father distracted and looking out the window. The conversation was realistic and so typical of the characters.

I liked the end where London is about to tell her parents who really wrote the book
Oh what a golden story! I love this and how London has come to find the true meaning, though her parents just don't get it..yet. I wold love to see more and maybe how in time London brings her family and many people, who sees the change, to Christ. Good job!! God bless.
Heehee! I am cheering for London, I hope she keeps it up and can convince her parents she's not joined a cult. Excellent story! glad I got to read it. ^_^
What is she talking about? Were already Christian. What a stumbling block to so many who think their 'Christian' traditional background means they are Christians. I'm guessing the last line is London about tell her parents that they don't actually know what Christmas means, and are not actually Christians.