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Very compelling and realistic descriptions. I loved the recollection of her mother's warning not to get "caught up" in the world. The time for God is now - tomorrow may be too late! Great story and writing.
I love this line " I watched as blood splattered beneath me, a minor haemorrhage of life."

Compelling, well written, real. . .
Your descriptions were really well done, I felt like I was right there, I no problems seeing it in my mind. Well done! Good story, good connections, excellent writing!
You've presented an awesome story of redemption with wonderful imagery.
The imagery, the descriptions, all of it, is excellent. I could see it vividly.
Wonderful tear-jerker. This is so well told and leaves me so grateful for the gift of Jesus, that we can receive at any time. I'm so glad you had your MC 'wake up' and receive before it was too late. I love the gold tinsel hooked around the cross - that speaks volumes.
Incredibly intense and vivid descriptions. I was absolutely engaged. Exceptional.
Awesome descriptive writing. The opening line had me hooked and I couldn't let go. The sense of chaos, the incongruity of Christmas paraphernalia in the middle of the wrecked train... fantastic.
Her remembering her first aid training and improvising with a dress and a shoe, left me with a mixed reaction. It was a nice touch and added to the sense of desperation of the scene, but the first-aider in ME was screaming, "Don't move you silly girl!"
The image of the cross and revelation of grace were beautiful. God is soooo patient with us! I loved it from start to finish.
"Wow" is all I can say. This is indeed such a beautiful inspiring and though provoking story. Loved the descriptions! Congrats on the win hon!
Wow. Congratulations on your 1st place. This is written so well, and truly does illustrate the real reason for the season. Nice job.
Congratulations Debbie! Well done. I was so moved by your piece that while driving today I was thinking of the proverbial train wreck some of us made of our lives before we caught hold of God's message to us, and the drama it took to get our attention. This story has so many levels, and is powerful in its message of salvation. Hope you go celebrate your much deserved win!
Oh what an awesome story on the meaning of life, as well as on the meaning of Christmas. Congratulations on a well deserved EC.
Congratulations, Debbie! I echo all of the comments you've received. Inspired, masterful writing. I can't believe you thought you missed it with this one!!