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I like how you took the elements of the Christmas season and redirected them towards what the season is all about.
Lovely images and wonderful descriptions, and what a great message.
Beautiful message, and awesome descriptions.
Very cute - and I like the way you turn everything toward the reason for the season. :)
Good job of going from the stressed out frustrating events we surround and bury the season in to the reason we still celebrate it.
I liked how you managed a message in most of the verses. Your last stanza is really good--would be very fitting as a verse on a Christmas card.
I could feel the frustration in the is first part of this poem. Very nice way to convey the real message of Christmas.
You covered all the frustrations surrounding the build up to Christmas perfectly. Demands galore that just wont cease.Yes, that's exactly what it seems like sometimes and robs us of the joy we should be experiencing. Then you turn it around in the second half and give us the reason for the season. Thanks Deborah.

A nice read. You pack a lot of rich imagery into few words which is (in my view) what poetry is all about. The message is not lost either as you contrast the worldly rush with the Christ-centred joy.
If I read your hint properly, you asked for red ink so these are my observations: I stumbled on the 3rd (or maybe 4th) stanza, where your meter shifted into significantly longer lines. There were also one or two words that seemed to have been forced in because they rhymed even though they weren't quite the right word. ('Trod' being the one that springs to mind.)
Overall I felt it was a good poem. I look forward to reading some more!
This precisely expresses what many of us feel at Christmas!

I found the meter a little bit inconsistent in places.

Your last two lines are absolutely perfect.