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My cats wouldn't touch the sardine dip either! Isn't it amazing how we major on the minors at Christmas? Your message can through loud and clear.
What a wonderful message you presented with superb humor. I loved the last sentence.
Limburger cheese! Sardines! What a jolt of hilarity! Your story pulled me in - I recall the pick and choose of partygoings when I was young and foolish (I am now old and foolish). Christmas is definitely about our tastebuds - but about our taste as to what is right and what is wrong, and to choose the right in truly loving our neighbor as ourselves.
Isn't it tough to overlook the unpleasant things and see what's really important.
Poor Bud. I felt sorry for him at first, but he's the only one that really "get's it!" I enjoyed this a lot.
Message is wonderful, and the characters very well-drawn. Enjoyed this.
This story should carry a waistline warning. It's left me feeling decidedly peckish - and not for sardine dip! Thanks for a fun and pointed read
Why is that Christmas does center so much around food? Hmm.... thanks so much for this well-told story. You nailed it.
Very cute and poignant. As usual, your characters sparkle as brightly as the lights on the angel-trimmed Christmas tree.
Betty, your characters are a hoot once more. Poor Bud, you can't help feeling sorry for him. Nice reminder that it isn't all about the food. Your MC would have been better praying "Lord, I'll get it down, if You will keep it down."
This is deligthful! I love all the characters and the original way you got the message across. I always look forward to meeting your characters!
Very funny. I was wondering how you were going to bring the topic into this:) Should've known you had it covered! LOL!
Cute, and I couldn't help but think while reading this if these women weren't somehow being "enablers" for poor Bud.
Nice and unique and amusing way to deliver the msg. of Christmas : - )
Betty, this was priceless all the way through, but I about sprayed my monitor upon reading your last line. Love it.
I was so afraid Bud was going to get that email by mistake! I like how you described the Johnson house to reflect the whole food theme of the story. And I loved Bud's speech at the end.
Most amusing glimpse into the minds and activities of this delightful bunch of ladies. The last line was priceless. Would you like my cat? At thirteen years, she's just entered her second kittenhood...
So enticing and full of rich descriptions that this piece made my mouth water. I could almost see the Better Home and Garden type of decorative spread in my mind. I love your characters
and the simple truth expressed by Bud. I had to wince as most of us have tried to avoid those "Buds" in our lives, only to find that we were too self indulgent.
I'm not sure I could stomach limburger cheese anymore or trying sardine dip but they are precious memories to me. My dad, now gone, a raver of "grossitities",( lol,is that a word? Grin!),actually ate those slimy little guys like they were a mouthful of Porterhouse steak.
Limburger cheese became a temporal link between my father and me, as a wide eyed two yr old who was willing to try anything my daddy did, at that age.
Love this hon! Amazing writing in humorous style! Thx for writing this, I got a chuckle too!:0)
You never fail to make me laugh. Congratulations on you EC, talent, skill, creativity, heart for God, and sense of humor. We're blessed that you're part of FWs.