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Somehow the iPhone didn't cut it, eh? I found the conversation a little confusing, but all in all, I enjoyed the story and the lesson.
Wonderful! It's hard to write just one side of a phone call, but you definitely pulled it off. And I suspect that it won't be too many years before this teen "gets it." You really nailed the teen voice. Good job!
You must have a teenager, or spend a lot of time around them? The voice is spot on. Well written.
Wonderful voice.. I raised three daughters and during those years, omgosh, totally bad on... whatever.. Down deep you caught me with a real love for her family underneath the show of embarrassment... I liked that!
Great conversational dialog and the MC's voice was so true to teens today. Hopefully she'll recognize the blessings of her family--it appears her friend did.
12/09/08's such a tragedy that too often we forget that what we have others view as a blessing while we may be complaining.
Thank you for the reminder to give thanks in all things.
I really like this. You totally captured the teenage voice and successfully told the story from one side of a conversation. Great job with getting the message across that she was blessed and didn't know it, but her friend did. :)
This sounds so much like a teenager, lingo, whining, and all. Great job on the one-sided phone conversation. I think my favorite part was the end where the friend wants to come over and experience a "real" Christmas.