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I know who wrote this, and it is so wonderfully engaging, and such an eye-opener for many. Excellent job with the emotions. Is this an "exerpt?"
LOVE this--I could feel the longing to see her parents again--wanted to keep reading!
I didn't want this one to end. My heart ached to see them joined together again.
You wrote this so well, Dee, including many excellent details, such as the shape of Daet's beard and eyebrows. I loved reading it, even though it broke my heart.
My eyes got misty with this sad story. Your descriptive words were excellent in drawing perfect pictures in my mind of your characters. I don't understand rules that tear families apart but I did feel the emotons evoked by the separation.
"...the frost coast the branches of the pine surrounding them like thick sparkling sugar." Your phrases are beautiful in this bitter-sweet story. Legalism enslaves, so totally opposite of the Christmas message and freedom offered through Christ.
Well done! Your descriptions are superb. I like the names of the characters....nice Biblical reference there!
Beautiful - great descriptions, great heart.
I love when your write like this, it is so rich, tender and informative in such an engaging way. Bravo! BTW, one of my favorite movies of all time is "Friendly Persuasion" and this echoes so much of what I love about the movie.
You've said so much in so few words. This is sad and tender all at the same time. Very well done.
I love the Beverly Lewis books - and this reminds me of them. Your characters are easy to love and feel for. You had me hurting for them from the beginning. Great story. :)