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Priceless! A very good write.

It's similar to a little boy I knew born in late 1938 in the South. He looked for peas a lot of years also. God was merciful and gave him the time to find it.

"It comes in knowin Jesus personally, not just doin the motions of church goin."

Loved the voice and the home-spun logic. Well done.
Well done! I loved the "voice" in this piece.
Great writing. Loved the child's voice!
Great voice. Loved this common sense grandpa who is sharing his wisdom with his grandkids. Well done.
Oh, this is just wonderful. The voice and the dialect are superb. Just masterfully written and a joy to read.
I love yur homey way of talkin to yur younguns and keepin everthing so natural.
Smilin all the way through this un.
Welcome to masters! With writing this good, you definitely belong here!
Ditto on the "voice" comments. You brought this story to life with your talented writing.
I could see these women in "fancy hats" and imagine their "shock." -- love that image. :) Your title is great I really like your message with this quest for peas (peace).
Nicely done! You kept the dialogue absolutely consistent throughout the :)
You're so right, so many times the things we go looking for are right there, directly under our nose - be they peas or something else. Great writing, truly enjoyed the voice.

The voice is fabulous - I enjoyed this VERY much!
Love it! Great voice, and it kept me reading with anticipation throughout.
This is fabulous. Love the voice. So glad your mc finally found his peas! :)
Wow! A first place your first week in masters... that's the way to do it! Congratulations!
Congratulations on your 1st place. You really nailed the voice. Nice job.
Way to go! I tried twice to comment on your entry yesterday, but my pc kept crashing. I loved this article and its innocent revelation(s) and it and you are so deserving of your 1st place award. Congratulations! Loren
What a message and love the voice! Congratulations on your first place EC.
This is absolutely wonderful. Congrats on your 1st place and EC.
Congratulations on your EC!I love the idea of grandparents sharing what it took them a lifetime to learn!
I'm so pleased for you, Dianne! Congrats on first place!!
Hi Dianne,

This is a great article and I will be using it in the FaithWriter December 2015 Newsletter. Many blessings to you in Christ.