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You are so good at Sci-fi.I'm jealous. I stink at that genre. I laughed and smiled and enjoyed the clever story of Jasmine and bump. I loved the descriptions of "things" set in the futue. who could imagine? Oh ... you could!
HA! You got me. I was so confused about the holo-reader, I googled it before I realized this was sci-fi! This made my day... love it when a piece makes a fool of me! Great story...:)
Creative idea!! Out of the box, yet right on topic.

I didn't really connect with Jasmine - she seemed a little..overdone?... but the character of Bump was very naturally cat-like. :)

I love the last line - it left me satisfied, even tho I knew there was more to this story.

I had to read this a couple of times before I "checked-in." I thought holo-mail was something I couldn't afford yet and didn't know anything about so I was a little "slow -I guess you could say." Anyway, I loved the creativity and the ending. I'll have to admit tho' I was a little lost.
Yes, definitely out of the box. I thought this was entertaining, and I loved the hint of a romance at the end. Two thumbs up.
Definitely out of the box yet you made the future feel as natural as today. Loved the creativity. Bump was a nice touch. Well done.
Good writers write well about what they know. This is in another league altogether! What a fantastic imagination you have, without writing something so way out as to make it unbelievable.
This was such a fun adventure. Thanks for taking me there. Especially love the cat's reaction to the commercials. :)
Hmmm...I wish I could write science fiction like tis, but that kind of thinking really is science fiction. I loved Bump and the hint of romance.
Definitely out of the box and well done! I don't normally like Sci-fi, but you drew me in. :)
Very creative - excellent job with the sci-fi twist. Love the hint of romance.
Man, what an imagination! The combination of what we know now and what could be then is so neatly combined that this feels like something real and possible right now! I'm glad cats stay the same in the future-lol--little Bump is an endearing character.
Loved this creative piece...Where you come up with your ideas? LOL. Great job=)
Oh boy - what a set up!
Love your sci-fi. You have an excellent take on making the "uncommon" seem very real. Your descriptions of cat and its actions speaks true from experience - no sci-fi imagining there. lol

Knowing MY cats, I doubt that a "pretty yellow collar" would stay that way for 10 years into the future and immediately going out and meeting the "red-haired" guy was a little predictable, IMHO, however it was still a satisfactory "tie-up" ending. :)

Fantastic writing, as usual.:)
Congratulations on your EC, Jan. Love Bump...and I'm not a cat person. :)

This story really made me think...would I want to go back, or forward? Hmmm.

Great job with the topic, and superb writing, as always.
I absolutely LOVED this. At first I thought that Jasmine was the one in heaven, with the "halo-gram" thing--that she was an angel! Great story!
Ok- correction--even though I read it twice- it seems I MISread it--it's not "halo-gram" but "holo-gram"--DUH--I still love it!
I love sci-fi, and I loved this. Not so far in the future to be unbelievable, but enough to be just out of this world. I enjoyed the trip!
Congratualtions, Jan!
You love to keep us guessing, don't you? I wouldn't have guessed this was yours!
Congratulations on showing us--not just telling us--how to write great stories. Your writing is an extension of your incredibly creative soul and heart. Amazing!
What an imagination! I love it!