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I love your ending. Very nice story.
I enjoyed this - and the ending glimpses of the tempter and the Savior was nicely blended in when it could have been jarring. Great job!
An unusual but satisfying take on the topic. So she never did get her miracle? One wonders what reward the Dove had lined up for the next part of the story.
Very creative take on the topic. This one made me think. I am also curious what her "blessing" was--but I think you were right to not reveal it. I love a story that sets my imagination going!
The gift of knowing you've done what a Christian should is wonderful. Great job with telling the story.
Loved this and to me, this sums it all up perfectly "Nancy recognized that evolution of expressions; hopelessness colliding with hope—the acknowledgment of being pulled out of the quicksand by a benevolent stranger. What she was doing for Susan, Susan was also doing for her."
Great job and a wonderful reminder of why doing the right thing has its own reward!
I wanted to read more! :) Nicely done....I enjoyed this read.