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Bittersweet. I like how the husband is so attentive to her that knew what she wanted without her voicing it. You took what could have been a morbidly sad story and made it a sweet romance.
This is really sad, precious, sweet. Love your ending.
So sweet and touching. I love the attentiveness of this wonderful man. Just the right amount of "bittersweet."
I agree with the others...this is sad but laced with love. I felt like I was there with them, well done.
Betty, this is heartbreaking and unbelievably tender. I don't think you missed the mark at all!
Great stuff. I especially liked the humour shared even in the midst of such a difficult situation. Love the "ornamentally-challenged tree" too.
This was very touching, you should have given a tissue alert. A good story. Great interplay between them.
This is beautiful.
What a sad entry but very nice writing.
SWEET, SAD and TOUCHING - really expressing the LOVE shared.
Last Christmas's really are bittersweet,but it's best to make the most of it and try to remember the hope that awaits each Christian...lovely story, Betty.
Very nice. Your opening line was wonderful and you drew me right into the living room of this couple. Thanks - sniff, sniff.
I can only think of one word for this entry and that is "precious". It is the simple things in life that bring us the greatest joy, lifting us out of despair. Your entry reflects this so, so well!
What they all said! :)
Bittersweet is definitely a good word to describe this story. The little joys of life often get forgotten until we are forced somehow to remember them and cherish them. I would hope that we would take the time to appreciate them now without waiting until tragedy strikes.

I hope that the woman won the battle with her cancer. Thank you for sharing.
A sad story beautifully told. Bless you.