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I enjoyed this beautiful story and appreciate the message it carries. Whatever our gift, we should use it as a present for the Lord.
A clever blend of a traditional Christmas tale and a modern well-loved carol.
I really liked the angle you approached your story from, but felt that I didn't entirely engage with the emotions portrayed.
Oh, what a wonderfully unique angle! (LOVE the song!)Of course, the PERFECT title. I was absolutely engrossed and engaged from start to finish. And a lesson for ALL of us to boot.
You've managed to give us behind the scene glimpses into both Bible passages and a familiar Christmas song. Nicely done.
The voice in this piece is ... gentle I guess is how I would describe it, matching the tone of the carol that inspired it. It left me feeling peaceful. Very nice.
I enjoyed your story, you did a good job of personalizing the a possible scenario.
I like that song, your title, and your story! :)
Very wonderful angle making an old favorite carol come to life! And focusing on what really matters - something from the boy himself.
Beautifully told - no gift is too humble, no offer unnoticed.
Great descriptions and the carved animals that the son of a carpenter would play with.
I enjoyed the way you brought this Bible history to life. One minor technicality was in error, a Jewish household would not have had carved animals since the law of Moses forbade making any images or likeness of any living creature. Exodus 20:4
I would change the toys to wooden blocks.