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Wonderful descriptions. I could feel Jenna's emotions so clearly.

It might be me, but I got confused at the end. Why was she disappointed if she got the watch she wanted, even though she got the wrong box at first? Maybe I am reading it wrong.

Your language was quite poetic and lovely.
You did a great job of putting me inside Jenna's head and heart, sharing her victory of maturity. This was one of my favorites in Masters this week.
I've had moments that I regretted, too. And they sure know how to come back and haunt me...don't you wish we could turn back the clock and take away those moments when we acted ungrateful and immature? Wish I could say that I totally outgrew that little girl--but sometimes, I still disappoint myself with my selfish attitude. Lovely story.
I love this. Having been very much like Jenna, I felt her anguish. :)
I was so proud of Jenna, swallowing her disappointment when she got the "wrong" present (was that a joke on her dad's behalf?), AND recognizing her step into growing up.
This certainly was a giant step in the maturity of this young girl. Very good story:)
I think we have all been in Jenna's shoes at one time or another, but not all of us learned the lesson. I can see and understand your title more clearly now and I think your message is a fine example of how one can handle the ups and downs in our lives. IMHO, we need more example like this.
Jenna did indeed take a giant step. This was sweet, and conveys a good lesson, too.
Great read. I really enjoyed this. Growing up is hard... but oh what a joy it is when we recognize a step of growth.
Great lesson in a tender story.
I like the lesson you conveyed in this story about learning to be content and thankful for everything we receive.

I too got a bit confused at the last few sentences. It did seem like she was still disappointed after receiving the more feminine watch, but I might have been reading it wrong.

Regardless, it was a good story with a good lesson. Thank you for sharing this.
I have been in a similiar position and understand her emotions totally. It takes a while for that hurt to go away even when it has no reason to be there anymore. Been there... way too often.

Beautifully written.