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Oh wow. This one is so sad. :( Makes me wonder what "grandpa" did to make him feel like he ruined the family.

From the "meanie grandpa" line, I thought Ryan didn't like him, but the end made me think differently. I'm still trying to decide whether it's really a "conflict or not!" lol
Interesting characters, like most families. Sad for the grandfather and grandson.
Excellent descriptions, and you did a wonderful job of creating atmosphere in this piece.
Yes, this is sad, but probably not all that unusual. You captured the two year old's actions and speech excellently. It's rather haunting, not knowing what caused the rift, or if it will ever be repaired.
So much emotion in this piece. So much more I want to know. Great writing, and a story that makes me stop and think.
One thing, among many, that I really admire about this piece is that the son did not allow his feelings towards his father affect his daughters. There is something very revealing about this.
Great descriptions of emotions. I like that while Ryan obviously had bad memories of his father, he still respected him as his father to send Christmas Cards. I'd love to read of a reunion and heartfelt conversation between father and son.