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Oh this is so delightful. I can almost visualize each character and relate firsthand. Many people who lived at the nursing home my mom was at, for months before she passed away, reminded me of some of the residents. It brought back memories of just how something like the well intended Christmas cards could actually put a jovial spirit in a place that could otherwise be so dismal at times. I loved Clarabelle and her gift of giving hope and joy. Nice job!!!!
How funny. I saw it coming but still enjoyed the story:) Good job!
So cute and clever. Great descriptions, and a fun piece. She certainly spread cheer, didn't she?
Such a fun read...lovable character...great pace...thanks!
This is delightful. Such fun.
What a sweet story. I love that she gave out the wrong cards. The happiness her error caused was probably more than if she used Christmas cards. This was a lot of fun to read. Great job!
How funny! I'm glad Clarabelle was able to laugh at herself AND spread Christmas cheer. Nice job!
This is just too cute! I loved it and the way you told the story and brought Clarabelle to life! I especially liked her outlook on life - so matter-of-fact, so determined, so giving with a great sense of humor.
Funny & sweet & precious...
I thoroughly enjoyed this.
I loved this! The name Clarabelle fits the MC totally!
One of my favorite subjects...elderly people. This was fun, and I love your MC. Will there be a sequel about Clarabelle's budding romance?
Great idea for the topic. I fell in love with Clarabelle. Darling piece!
Your MC is a beautiful, vibrant creation who truly brought this story to life, and left me smiling :)
I must be particularly dense today for your delightful twist took me completely by surprise. Very well done.I particularly liked the valentine's day conclusion.