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Hey - this was a fun read - loved the dialogue and the whole flow of the piece. I could visualize the whole event. Thanks for a good laugh!
So fun - and WHAT a predicament. I was thinking Lucy and Ethel through this - and what a cute ending! Loved this.
Cute. I liked the playfulness of your MC and how it ended. Good job.
Joanne's right, this is Lucy and Ethel; very entertaining and lovable ladies on a hair-brained adventure with a happy ending :) Well done.
How clever and entertaining! I especially love how the story ends.
This is so much fun. Love the humor, dialogue, and the descriptions are so vivid you can "see" the scenes unfold. Great job!
Oh man. How funny! Too too funny!
Great writing in setting this up in a very believable happening. :)
Poor Stella! I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she goes to "explain" her card to the priest! Will that be in a sequel with these two characters? LOL funny, Betty. (:
I needed a chuckle this morning. Good story. It held me captive. ;)
I thoroughly enjoyed this. You had me smiling as I read. One of my favorites so far. Excellent writing.
Too, too funny! I loved the entire thing and the way it was told. And, it was completely believable!
I could really see this happening, great story telling.
Ooh, what a predicament! Good story, GREAT last line.
I could totally see these scenes in my mind! Hilarious!!! Great job on this one.:)
Congratulations on this delightfully funny story. I loved it!