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Sweet, lump-in-the-throat story, with a really deft touch with dialogue. I felt as if I knew Rhonda, without having her say a single word.

One teensy thing: your title foreshadows the ending.

I felt myself very drawn to your flawed main character--because I, too, am flawed! Well done.
Very nice job with the dialogue. I was definitely drawn to your MC. Lovely story.
This is creative and VERy realistic. When I looked at your title, I thought it referred to making a mistake by holding a grudge so long over a cute Christmas card. Your ending twisted it a bit. That's just my take on it, though.

I wonder how many misunderstandings happen like this in our non-fiction lives... over an "unreturned" phone call or email. Or Christmas card. Thought-provoking.
Thank you for a powerful, thought provoking, convicting story. I've been the one falsely judged and know her friend would be thrilled to hear from her, even without an apology or explanation.
Great flow to this story. I appreciated the honesty portrayed in it. This made it all the more believable.
I really enjoyed this story. Emotion evoking and thought provoking. Great writing!
I NEED to know how this card got into this purse and was never found by Audreyit's a thread that feels like it was left hanging. Other than thatwhich might only be my peculiar perversitythis is really good.
You chose a creative way to show how easily misunderstandings can hurt a friendship. Excellently done.