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Loved it. Sometimes, loving a homeless person is far easier than we make it out to be.
What an unusual take on the topic - and very special.
Superb POV and voice. Wonderfully told, emotionally riveting piece. Excellent
In my head I heard the voice and cadence of Jack Webb (Dragnet)telling the story. You never missed a beat in this powerfully written story. Well done.
What a marvelous way to approach this story. Well done.
Great opening and I love the trick at the end.
I appreciate you're trying to fit a genre that I'm not entirely familiar with. But I found the litany of disaster a little unreal, especially the way the mother moved away and died. Maybe a little too devoid of emotion?
Nevertheless a telling fable of redemption and well worth the read.
Wow! What a moving testament to the power of the love and forgiveness of our Savior. God Bless. Very Well written.
Wow! Great perspective! I did struggle a bit with feeliing the emotion, since the narrator seemed removed from emotion, himself. I really like how the ending mirrored the beginning. Glad to see you back!
Very unique take on the topic. I liked how it came full circle also. It seemed to me as a dream, "this could be your life" kind of thing.
Wow! What a stunning entry. I loved the matter-of fact- almost emotionless style because it gave the ending an even greater impact than it might otherwise have had.
OK, so I was hooked initially by the whole writing a Christmas card every day thing, and I'm thankful for that.

I appreciate the message and loved the full circle effect at the end. :)
Loved the voice in this piece. Unique take on the topic as well.
Your use of 2nd person is intriguing, really gives the story a different kind of feel than if you'd just told us the story of Jed, or even used 1st person. Sort of Twilight Zone-ish. I like the repeated line at beginning and end, and of course it makes a whole lot of sense when read again at the end. Very creative and very touching.