The Official Writing Challenge
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This all-dialog piece is well done. I was never confused as to who was speaking, no tags were necessary to show emotion or action, and the characterization was good to boot. It was also engaging and fun - I'll be looking closely at all the photos this year. :) And I wanted to know what the "expert" said about the dinner theme. :)
Oh, what a riot! You did an incredible job with characterization through dialog - not so easy. Enjoyed this.
LOL. Loved it!

Perish the thought. All right, then the cards will just say Merry Christmas, then.

Exactly. Too cute, and the title is perfect.
Hopefully one of the topics will be 'Christmas Dinner' so we can hear the rest of this discussion! Very original and entertaining.
And I never knew that taking a picture could be so complicated Love the title, too.
I'm planning my card theme as we speak ... isn't everyone? Very creative writing ... your cards muct open from the top!
Even without the expert we all manage to do that to some extent, don't we? Very creative. Now I'll reread for the nuances.