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SO sweet and romantic! And I love that she did the same. Awwwwww.
I love your story--romance in a happy marriage shown beautifully.
Cute little love story. The end was a great touch - I'm still smiling!
Oh, how very sweet and romantic. I agree that the last line was a wonderful touch.
Well told romance. She was blessed to experience reciprocated love.
Love the title! I also was pleased with the little details such as " the edges tucked into the cover of the steering wheel." Little details make fr such pleasant reading. I loved their relationship.
Very sweet story. I'm so glad she had done the same—that kind of wraps this up in a neat package.
I like the title! This is sweet and romantic.
I love how they thought enough of each other to play the card game. Great title. More couples should play these kinds of games.
This had me smiling at the end!
Tit for tat - each so perfectly made for one another - bookends, in fact. Super job and thanks for the positive insights into this couple and their love for each other.
What fun! I especially liked the kitty and the melted snowman card.
A teensy note... The last card should be "sitting on the nightstand..." But that takes nothing away from this delightful story.
Wonderful, romantic story with its minute details. If you don't write for "Hallmark," you the cards.
This is a sweet story. The ending is great, and I wasn't expecting it. Well done.
Sounds like my dad! He's always leaving little notes by her teacup, above the door handle, next to the sink.... :)
Very cool. I love the romancing between husband and wifr.
Congrats on HC this one definitely deserved it.
Hoomi, This is great! Congrats on your HC and your EC! :)